The basis for producing Gelati Mille Fiori is using excellent raw materials. All dairy ingredients are of Swiss origin. Freshly harvested fruit from neighbouring farms are used to produce ice creams and sorbets. Last but not least: we travel expressly to Italy to bring the best Piemont hazelnuts and most aromatic Sicilian pistachios back to Biel-Benken.

Our credo: Less is more!
We intentionally don't use production-maximizing additives like milk powder, glucose, dextrose, vegetable fat, basic mixtures and artificial colours or flavours.

Food Allergies
Being a very small enterprise, we can easily adapt to customer's needs, i. e. case of food allergies. We gladly will manufacture customized lactose and / or gluten free ice creams or sorbets.

The Mouthfeel
Our ice cream is characterised by the exceptional mouthfeel you will experience while enjoying it. Not only the best ingredients, but also the choice of freezing process bring out the finished product. Following original tradition we use the "mantecatore" (vertebral machine) that lets the mixture freeze slowly and gently. That is why our creations have substance and do not consist of mainly air.